If you still have any doubts about whether closing Guantanamo is the right thing to do, Jimmy Carter recently demanded that it be shuttered. (With any luck, he’ll try to effect another one of those daring rescue attempts!)

Here’s a foolproof method for keeping America safe: Always do the exact opposite of whatever Jimmy Carter says. (Instead of Guantanamo, how about we close down the Carter Center?)

Sen. Dick Durbin says Guantanamo is reminiscent of the “Nazis, Soviets in their gulags or some mad regime — Pol Pot or others.” (He then offered the typical Democrat “if/then” non-apology: i.e., “if my remarks offended anyone” … which seems entirely likely if any sentient, English-speaking adult heard them.)

Amnesty International also called Guantanamo a “gulag.” Sen. Teddy Kennedy actually said he cannot condone allegations of near-drowning “as a human being.” And Sen. Patrick Leahy called it “an international embarrassment,” as opposed to himself, a “national embarrassment.”

On the bright side, at least liberals have finally found a group of people in Cuba they think deserve to be rescued.

In the interests of helping my country, I have devised a compact set of torture guidelines for Guantanamo.

It’s not torture if:

— The same acts performed on a live stage have been favorably reviewed by Frank Rich of The New York Times;

— Andrew Sullivan has ever solicited it from total strangers on the Internet;

— You can pay someone in New York to do it to you;

— Karen Finley ever got a federal grant to do it;

— It’s comparable to the treatment U.S. troops received in basic training;

— It’s no worse than the way airlines treat little girls in pigtails flying to see Grandma in Idaho.

The most unpleasant aspect of Guantanamo for the detainees came with the move from the temporary “Camp X-Ray.” Apparently, wanton homosexual sex among the inmates is more difficult in their newer, more commodious quarters. (Suspiciously, detainees retailing outlandish tales of abuse to the ACLU often include the claim that they were subjected to prolonged rectal exams.) Plus, I hear the views of the Caribbean aren’t as good from their new suites.

Even the tales of “torture” being pawned off by the detainees on credulous American journalists are pretty lame.

The Washington Post reported that a detainee at Guantanamo says he was “threatened with sexual abuse.” (Bonus “Not Torture” rule: If it is similar to the way interns were treated in the Clinton White House.)

“Sign or you will be tortured!”

“What’s the torture?”

“We will merely threaten you with horrible things!”

“That’s it?”

“Shut up and do as we say, or we’ll issue empty, laughable threats guaranteed to amuse you. This is your last warning.”

One detainee in Afghanistan told a hyperventilating reporter for Salon that he was forced to stand with his arms in the air for “hours.” Doctor, I still have nightmares about the time I was forced to stand with my arms up in the air …

Others claimed they were forced into uncomfortable, unnatural positions, sort of like the Democrats’ position on abortion. Next, the interrogators will be threatening to over-sauce the Chicken Fricassee!

According to Time magazine, this is how the “gulag of our time” treats the inmates: “The best-behaved detainees are held in Camp 4, a medium-security, communal-living environment with as many as 10 beds in a room; prisoners can play soccer or volleyball outside up to nine hours a day, eat meals together and read Agatha Christie mysteries in Arabic.”

So they’re not exactly raping the detainees with dogs.

The only question is: Why do Democrats take such relish in slandering their country? If someone was constantly telling vicious lies about you, would you believe he loved you?

“I love John Smith, and that’s why I accuse him of committing serial rape and mass murder. Oh, he doesn’t do that? Yes, but how dare you say I don’t love John Smith!”

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