The definition of hell is being condescended to by idiots. It will probably be MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and Contessa Brewer sneering at you for all of eternity for not believing in evolution.

Roughly one-third of my 2006 No. 1 New York Times bestseller,Godless: The Church of Liberalism, is an attack on liberals’ creation myth, Darwinian evolution. I presented the arguments of all the luminaries in the field, from the retarded Richard Dawkins to the brilliant Francis Crick, and disputed them.

But apparently liberals didn’t want to argue back.

Despite Matthews’ obsessive fixation on the topic, manifested by his constantly asking elected Republicans if they believe in evolution, in a one-hour interview with me on “Godless” — the very book that is chockablock with attacks on Darwinism — Matthews didn’t ask me a single question about the subject.

No liberal did. Matthews doesn’t even know what Darwinian evolution is. (Nor has he undergone it.)

Just two years later, at a 2008 Republican presidential candidates’ debate, Matthews asked for a show of hands of who believed in evolution. No discussion permitted! That might allow scientific facts, rather than schoolyard taunts, to escape into the world.

Evolution is the only subject that is discussed exclusively as a “Do you believe?” question with yes-or-no answers. How about conservative journalists start putting mikes in front of liberal candidates and demanding, “Do you believe in the Bible — yes or no?” “Is an unborn baby human — yes or no?” and “Do you believe teenagers should have sex — yes or no?”

This is the flash mob method of scientific inquiry. Liberals quickly surround and humiliate anyone who disagrees with them. They are baffled when appeals to status (every major scientist believes it!) don’t work on other people the way status works on them.

Now that Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry has said there are “gaps” in the theory of evolution — or “gas” as The New York Times originally reported, before issuing a correction — we’re in for another round of fact-free mocking of fundamentalist nuts. In fact, however, it has not been advances in Christianity (which is pretty much settled), but in science that have completely discredited Darwin’s theory of evolution.

This week, we will consider one small slice of the mountain of scientific evidence disproving this mystery religion from the Victorian age.

Most devastating for the Darwiniacs were advances in microbiology since Darwin’s time, revealing infinitely complex mechanisms requiring hundreds of parts working together at once — complex cellular structures, DNA, blood-clotting mechanisms, molecules, and the cell’s tiny flagellum and cilium.

Darwin’s theory was that life on Earth began with single-celled life forms, which by random mutation, sex and death, would pass on the desirable mutations. This process, over billions of years, would lead to the creation of new species.

The (extremely generous) test Darwin set for his theory was this: “If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down.”

Thanks to advances in microscopes, thousands of such complex mechanisms have been found since Darwin’s day. He had to explain only simple devices, such as beaks and gills. If Darwin were able to come back today and peer through a modern microscope to see the inner workings of a cell, he would instantly abandon his own theory.

It is a mathematical impossibility, for example, that all 30 to 40 parts of the cell’s flagellum could all arise at once by random mutation. According to most scientists, such an occurrence is considered even less likely than John Edwards marrying Rielle Hunter, the “ground zero” of the impossible.

Nor would any of those 30 to 40 parts individually make an organism more fit to survive and reproduce, which, you will recall, is the lynchpin of the whole contraption. And that’s just one part of the cell. There’s also the cell’s cilium, composed of hundreds of parts.

As Michael Behe, biochemist and author of “Darwin’s Black Box,” explains, even a mechanism as simple as a three-part mousetrap requires all three parts to be working together at once to be anything at all useful. Otherwise, you don’t get a mousetrap that catches half as many mice — and thus might win a survival-of-the-fittest competition — you don’t get a mousetrap at all.

The more we have learned about molecules, cells and DNA — a body of knowledge some refer to as “science” — the more preposterous Darwin’s theory has become. DNA is, as Bill Gates says, “like a computer program, but far, far more advanced than any software we’ve ever created.” (Plus DNA doesn’t usually crash when you’re right in the middle of reproducing.)

Evolution fanatics would rather not be called on to explain these complex mechanisms that Darwin himself said, if they existed, would disprove his theory.

Instead they sneer about people who know the truth, claiming that to dispute evolution means you must believe man walked with dinosaurs. Galileo’s persecutors probably had some good guffaws about him believing in Fred Flintstone.

This is why the brighter Darwinians end up sounding like Scientologists in order to cling to their mystery religion. Crick, winner of the Nobel Prize for his co-discovery of DNA, tried to explain the evident design in nature by hypothesizing that highly intelligent extraterrestrials sent living cells to Earth on an unmanned spaceship, a theory he set forth in his 1981 book, “Life Itself.”

Thus was God narrowly averted!

But Crick’s solution obviously begs the question: How did the highly intelligent extraterrestrials evolve?

Harvard population biologist Richard Lewontin said the Darwinians accept “unsubstantiated just-so stories” of evolution and ignore “the patent absurdity of some of its constructs” because they are committed to coming up with a theory that excludes God. “We cannot,” Lewontin said, “allow a divine foot in the door.”

Maybe if we called the Intelligent Designer “Louis Vuitton” to avoid frightening the Godphobics, they’d finally admit the truth: Modern science has disproved Darwinian evolution.

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