President Obama is saying he will wait until after the November elections to implement an “executive amnesty” for 11 million illegal aliens, so as not to hurt the Democrats’ chances.

Instead of waiting until December to be enraged voters, could you please be enraged now? Once the holiday season kicks off, you’ll be too busy with parties and Christmas shopping to notice that you’re suddenly living in Mexico.

Getting Obama to postpone a rancid idea isn’t something to celebrate. Yay! We did it! We forced him to delay doing something the country doesn’t want for SIX WEEKS! But it ought to be something to run on. Every Republican candidate better be jamming Obama’s threat down the throats of their Democratic opponents.

Obama is claiming to have the powers of a dictator. Amnesty was considered by Congress, but — here’s the important part: It didn’t pass. An amnesty bill passed in the Senate, with the votes of all Democrats and 14 not-bright Republicans. After that, widespread public revulsion prevented Marco Rubio’s amnesty bill from even being debated in the House.

But according to Obama, the only reason illegals haven’t already been given amnesty is that Congress is not “doing its job.”

That’s true if Congress’ “job” is to be Obama’s errand boys. In fact, however, their job is to represent their districts. I promise you, House members are representing their districts better than at least a dozen senators are — or than Obama is doing representing the country. It’s called the “People’s House” for a reason.

Noticeably, every Republican senator running for re-election this year claims to oppose amnesty — even the ones who voted for it! (Let’s make sure they remember how unpopular mass immigration is when they’re in office, not just when they’re running for re-election.)

Obama’s base isn’t even looking for “representation.” Obama could commit a murder on the White House lawn, and they would still support “the first black president”!

But Obama says he can do whatever he wants on immigration because it’s “a serious issue and Congress chooses to do nothing.”

If bills became law provided only the Senate and president agreed, the Nicaraguan Contras would have been funded out of the U.S. Treasury, Reagan would have gotten his MX missiles in 1982 and the Soviet Union would have fallen five years sooner. If only the Senate and president needed to agree, school busing would have been eliminated without waiting for the courts to act a decade later, and most of George W. Bush’s tax cuts would have been made permanent. In all these cases, a president wanted to do something — and the Senate agreed! But the House said no, so it never happened.

Obama can’t ignore the House and make amnesty happen either. That’s why he’s talking about an “executive amnesty,” which sounds like the top-tier donation category at one of the 4 million fundraisers Obama has held since becoming president, where the dinner starts at $25,000 per couple and you might bump into Jay-Z in the men’s room. Actually, it just means Obama openly stops enforcing immigration law.

But Obama can’t make illegals legal. He can only direct the entire immigration apparatus of the federal government to act as if amnesty has passed and stop enforcing immigration law. The theory is that once illegals have been treated as if they’re legal for a few years, it will be a fait accompli, and no future president would dare resume enforcement of the law.

Although consistent with historical practice, that’s not where the country is at all. This election is our first referendum on amnesty.

Not only do we have Obama’s promise that he’ll refuse to execute the law (it’s not as if he took some kind of oath to enforce the law) but there’s good reason to believe him: He’s got nothing to lose. Democrats will have two years to sign up 30 million illegal immigrants for Social Security benefits, food stamps and voting cards and Obama won’t be up for election ever again.

There is no more important political issue than this: Republicans must take the Senate this year.

Remember how the Supreme Court upheld Obamacare on a 5-4 vote? Obama could have a shot at replacing another Supreme Court justice in the next two years.

You know how much you’ve been enjoying the courts overturning state referendums prohibiting gay marriage? Get ready for a lot more of your hard-won political victories to be nullified by the courts if Republicans don’t take a Senate majority.

As a senator, Obama voted against both of Bush’s nominees, so he can’t very well complain if Republicans reject his loony-bird judicial nominees.

Have you heard about the federal judge conspiring with Attorney General Eric Holder and the ACLU to bring deported illegal aliens back from Mexico? Yes, he’s bringing them back. That judge, John A. Kronstadt, ought to be impeached. But he can’t be — unless Republicans take the Senate.

With Republican majorities in both the House and Senate, Congress could just keep passing bills and sending them to the White House — or whatever golf course Obama’s on, not executing the laws. If Obama vetoes their bills, he becomes the “do-nothing” president.

And keep in mind, this election will determine whether President Ted Cruz or President Mitt Romney will have a Republican Congress in 2017. They won’t — unless Republicans win every possible Senate race this year. The Senate races two years from now are not nearly as favorable to Republicans as the Senate seats up this year.

Unforced Republican errors in Delaware, Indiana, Missouri, Connecticut and West Virginia in the last few election cycles have already cost Republicans five seats in the U.S. Senate. (See my last book for the heart-breaking details.)

Five! Think of that! Republicans would have 50 seats in the Senate right now — maybe 51, if they flipped Sen. Joe Manchin in West Virginia — but for Republican stupidity, arrogance and narcissism. Instead of desperately hoping for a bare majority, we would be one “wave election” away from a veto-proof majority.

Surveying the wreckage of a mere two years of Obama with a Democratic Congress, all Americans should be focused like a laser beam on putting the Senate in Republican hands.

Won’t you be angry if our power-mad president grants millions of illegal immigrants “executive amnesty” on the basis of his nonexistent constitutional authority to ignore the law? The surge of needy foreigners across our Southern border we’ve seen recently will be nothing compared to what’s coming if Obama does this.

He says he will. He thinks voters are too stupid to notice.

Prove him wrong.