@AnnCoulter Jan. 1 (one year ago)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Highlights: The Obamas hire a moving company; the class-action lawsuit, Donors v Jeb; and of course … President-elect Trump!

@AnnCoulter Jan. 12

… even GOP response to Obama’s SOTU is a paean to immigrants. And GOP can’t figure out why Trump is sweeping the country.

@AnnCoulter Jan. 12

Trump should deport Nikki Haley.

@AnnCoulter Jan. 15

Bush campaign lands the coveted Lindsey Graham endorsement, bringing an additional 0.0% support to the juggernaut that is Jeb!

@AnnCoulter Jan. 26

Recall: Rubio was not asked about his single legislative accomplishment — amnesty bill — until the SIXTH debate.

@AnnCoulter Jan. 30

Sweaty little liar Rubio sucks up to Iowans with Jesus talk, but he tried to replace them with 30 million Mexicans.

@AnnCoulter Jan. 30

Rubio’s immigration bill issued 33 MILLION green cards in 10 yrs — or 271 new immigrants for every 1 GOP caucus-goer in Iowa.

@AnnCoulter Feb. 1

Trump is the leading GOP vote-getter tonight, among natural-born-American candidates.

@AnnCoulter Feb. 6

Assume Fox News is declaring Rubio “winner!”

@AnnCoulter Feb. 9

MSNBC reporting Trump won EVERY SINGLE DEMOGRAPHIC in NH: conservatives, independents, Repubs, college ed, no college ed, religious, etc.

@AnnCoulter Feb. 17

Hey South Carolina! The woman who ripped down your Confederate symbols & demands no pause in Muslim immigration just endorsed Marco Rubio.

@AnnCoulter Feb. 20

Tonight is the night Trump won the nomination. I love you Iowa, but you embarrassed yourself again.

@AnnCoulter Feb. 24

Everyone’s asking Rubio if there are any states he could actually WIN. You bet there are! Sinaloa? Chiapas? Jalisco? Maybe even Oaxaca.

@AnnCoulter Feb. 26


@AnnCoulter Feb. 26

Meanwhile, the “bombshell” in Trump’s tax returns appears to be his paying for Mitt Romney’s sex change operation.

@AnnCoulter March 1

So far, Marco Rubio has won precisely the same number of GOP primaries all year as Evander Holyfield.

@AnnCoulter March 2

New anti-Trump PAC hires former Bush campaign flack Tim Miller. That’ll do the trick … especially if he brings Jeb!’s exclamation point.

@AnnCoulter March 11

For those who like their daily Hitler analogy: Lefty brownshirts just forced cancellation of a peaceful Trump rally in Chicago.

@AnnCoulter March 11

Anyone else notice the Mexican flags being waved by the anti-Trump Chicago mob?

@AnnCoulter March 12

Left-wing fascists violently shut down a peaceful Trump rally last night & Cruz + the entire media took the animals’ side.

@AnnCoulter March 12

Kasich’s threat not to support Trump as nominee has left America puzzled. On street corners everywhere you hear: “Who’s John Katich?”

@AnnCoulter March 15

To beat Rubio, Trump had to beat: Fox, entire MSM, National Review, Salem Radio, every major GOP donor … MAYBE VOTERS WANT LESS IMMIGRATION!

RT @tedcruz March 22

Our hearts break for the men and women of Brussels this morning.

@AnnCoulter reply:

Civilization could use a little less heartfelt sentiment and a lot more Muslim-banning. GO TRUMP!

@AnnCoulter March 29

Like Americans everywhere, I know I’ll always remember where I was when news arrived of the tragic assault on Michelle Fields.

@AnnCoulter March 31

Romney lost the white vote to Obama, or barely won whites in 10 swing states. Trump only needs a few of them to win.

@AnnCoulter March 31

Trump’s working class white vote gives him a number of paths to electoral victory. Other GOPs have no path.

@AnnCoulter March 31

True, I’ve gone from supporting Trump to wildly supporting Trump. Report: “Coulter appears to sour on ‘mental’ Donald Trump”

@AnnCoulter April 8

@DailyCaller: GOP Establishment Money Funding Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Erick Erickson to Attack Trump

@AnnCoulter April 8

In Massachusetts alone, 20k Dems switched to R to vote for Trump. I think we can lose the pundit class.

@AnnCoulter April 25

If new Cruz/Kasich axis fails to stop Trump, isn’t next chess move Jeb!/Jindal? Or maybe McCain/Dole! Carly/Willkie. Romney/Stassen?

@AnnCoulter April 25

61,500 Democrats have switched their registration to Republican in PA, so far in 2016. GO TRUMP!

@AnnCoulter April 26

This campaign is far from over. Still need to choose the theme of Trump’s inaugural ball, and which high school bands to invite.

@AnnCoulter April 27

Lizard-man in Earthling suit discusses basketball: Cruz calls hoop a ‘basketball ring’

(Cruz announces Carly Fiorina as his VP)

@AnnCoulter April 27

Guess we best stay glued to the TV today, in case Cruz decides to give his inaugural address or appoint a new Secretary of the Interior.

@AnnCoulter April 28

DRUDGE: TRUMP MOST VOTES IN REPUBLICAN HISTORY! It’s beginning to look like the wall is more popular than “Hispanic outreach.”

@AnnCoulter April 29

What I like most about immigrants is their gratitude. “TRUMP SUPPORTERS BEATEN, BLOODIED BY ‘MEXICAN-FLAG WAVERS’”

@AnnCoulter May 3

Jake Tapper just claimed Trump has offended every single group “from Muslims to Hispanics.” One group he hasn’t offended: AMERICANS.

(House Speaker Paul Ryan Refuses to endorse Trump)

@AnnCoulter May 12

So far, Trump has received 10,994,897 votes & counting. Monumentally irrelevant whether or not Ryan chooses to make it 10,994,898.

@AnnCoulter May 27

GUARANTEE: Next Memorial Day weekend won’t find President Trump in an Axis country, groveling.

@AnnCoulter Aug. 21

NYT op-ed tally since Trump clinched nomination: 102 anti-Trump, 0 pro-Trump, 22 pro-Hillary, 7 anti-Hillary.

(Trump Phoenix immigration speech)

@AnnCoulter Aug. 31

After Trump’s triumphant visit with the Mexican president today, he should skip this speech & start putting together his transition team.

@AnnCoulter Aug. 31

Wow. This doesn’t sound like “softening.” GO, TRUMP!!!

@AnnCoulter Aug. 31

Trump: “Our greatest compassion must be for our American citizens.”

@AnnCoulter Aug. 31

I hear Churchill had a nice turn of phrase, but Trump’s immigration speech is the most magnificent speech ever given.

@AnnCoulter Sept. 18

Trump has really stepped in it this time: He called NYC explosion a “bomb” 24 hours before it was confirmed to be a bomb. DISQUALIFYING!

@AnnCoulter Oct. 4

I tuned in an hour late. Has Tim Kaine interrupted Pence’s every syllable with, “Will Donald Trump release his taxes?”!

@AnnCoulter Oct. 12

ABC lies: “Trump boasts of grabbing women without their consent.” What he actually said: “They let you do it.” That’s not assault, morons.

@AnnCoulter Oct. 19

Finally a debate topic that has any effect on Americans’ lives. Heroin problem is 100% a result of our open border. THANK YOU, MR. TRUMP!!!

@AnnCoulter Oct. 19

Trump doesn’t need to cut entitlements — he’s going to stop dumping 3d world immigrants on the country sucking up those entitlements.

@AnnCoulter Nov. 6

Brett Baier show on Coyote News is reporting — as fact — that Trump “insulted” Khizr Khan’s wife. CAN SOME MEDIA OUTLET QUOTE THIS “INSULT”?

@AnnCoulter Nov. 8

Is it too late to impeach him? @NYMag: George W. Bush and Laura Bush Did Not Vote for Trump

@AnnCoulter Nov. 9

Proposed Trump victory speech: “I still say he was born in Kenya. Good night.”

@AnnCoulter Nov. 21

EVERY DAY IS CHRISTMAS IN TRUMP’S AMERICA! Report: Donald Trump’s media summit was a ‘f—ing firing squad’

@AnnCoulter Nov. 21

Trump to CNN chief Jeff Zucker, “I hate your network, everyone at CNN is a liar and you should be ashamed.”

@AnnCoulter Nov. 28

Brutal attack on Americans by Somali refugee today demands urgent electoral reform! Next time, we must be allowed to vote for Trump twice.

@AnnCoulter Dec. 19

Bill Clinton says Trump knows how to get angry white men to vote for him. What angry white men? They’re all happy now.