For more than 50 years, our country has been engaged in systemic discrimination against the nation’s most despised racial group, whites. Recently, the Supreme Court heard cases challenging legal race discrimination in a pair of lawsuits brought against Harvard and the University of North Carolina for their “affirmative action” policies.

Despite the oft-repeated claim that affirmative action “hurts black people the most,” for the past half-century, it’s whites who’ve been bringing lawsuit after lawsuit for being rejected — solely because of their race — from universities (not to mention jobs, promotions, government contracts, scholarships, executive suites, homecoming queens, etc.).

In response, the Supreme Court announced this fundamental principal of constitutional law: Could you guys try hiding what you’re doing a little better? 

That’s why the current cases have the legal world abuzz. Could this finally be the end of rank prejudice masquerading as virtue? This time, you see, the plaintiffs are Asian.

The switch from white to Asian has important legal implications. To be sure, with their high SAT scores and low crime rates, Asians are “white adjacent” and therefore also kinda hated. But at least they’re not white.

Thus, the attorney challenging Harvard’s race discrimination couldn’t say enough good things about “diversity”! The petitioners, you see, have another, better plan that will admit a boatload of Asians while preserving “diversity’s” life-giving force. Indeed, the lawyer boasted that the Asians’ plan would also “lower the number of white students on campus.”

This wasn’t a passing aside. Oh no, it was the heart and soul of his argument. E.g.:

— “[Under our plan] the number of white students would decrease. The number of Asian students would increase. The number of Hispanic students would increase. I think you’d see lots of benefits in that.”

— “Asians should be getting into Harvard more than whites.”

— “[California has eliminated racial preferences, and] whites are the third most represented group on campus.”

See? Everybody’s a winner!

Oh yeah, except whites.

Seriously — what on Earth? Even our putative allies, Asians, want to sidle up to their enemies by joining the anti-white zeitgeist? Is it now part of the citizenship oath to hate white people? I hereby declare that I renounce all allegiance to any foreign state, and that I will defend the United States of America against all enemies, ESPECIALLY WHITE MEN — THEY’RE THE WORST!

(That the plaintiffs are Asian has also permitted formerly comatose conservatives to come out swinging against affirmative action. Oh, the poor Asians!)

Sorry, Asians, but you’re a little late to the game. Universities have been explicitly discriminating against whites since at least 1970. Only recently have there been enough Asians living in the U.S. to merit their own special race hatred.

As we know from the Bakke case, the Medical School of the University of California at Davis began discriminating against white Americans in 1970, admitting far less qualified “minorities,” specifically “Blacks,” “Chicanos,” “American Indians” — and “Asians.” (There was also a separate track for “disadvantaged” white applicants, but no one was ever admitted under it.)

Below are Allan Bakke’s scores compared to average scores of minority admittees that same year:

Science GPA        3.44                     2.62

Overall GPA        3.46                     2.88

MCAT Verbal:         96                       46

MCAT Quantitative:   94                       24

MCAT Science:        97                       35

Terrific scores, right? But Bakke got a big, fat “F” on the most important test: Is he white?  Yes.  REJECTED!

Twice, in fact. He took his case to the Supreme Court, and the justices ordered U-Cal Davis to admit him, while admonishing universities to stop being so obvious about their anti-white bias.

To this day, whites are discriminated against in college admissions more than Asians are.

This was demonstrated in 2019 study that you probably never heard about, inasmuch as it was placed in a lead casket, wrapped in chains and dropped to the bottom of the ocean. Paid for with a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation — presumably hoping to unearth some heretofore unheralded example of racism — Georgetown University researchers examined the races and SAT/ACT scores of students at the nation’s 200 most selective colleges.

Study conclusion: If students were admitted solely on the basis of their test scores, the white student population would soar from 197,000 to 225,000. Every other ethnic group’s numbers would fall — even Asians.  The Asian student population would decline from 56,000 to 32,000; Hispanics from 32,000 to 29,000; and blacks from 16,000 to 14,000.

According to the august rulings of the nation’s highest court, race discrimination is permissible when used as a remedy for specific instances of past discrimination. Taking that as our guidepost, whites should be sitting back, raking in the acceptances and promotions for at least the next several generations.

Or don’t we care about precedent, now?