With the latest indictment of Donald Trump, special counsel Jack Smith has delivered a comprehensive and well-documented case establishing beyond cavil that Trump is a clown.

     Well, that’s something we’ve never heard before! Oh no, sorry, I mean we’ve heard it every day for the past 2 1/2 years: It seems that — stop me if you know this one — after losing the election, Trump lied to his supporters about election fraud, which led to the Jan. 6 riot by a right-wing mob.

The most shocking fact was that the mob was right-wing. Every other violent mob in the nation’s history has been left-wing. But their violence immediately goes into the Memory Hole. By contrast, Democrats and the media will not stop talking about Jan. 6.

The indictment does not charge Trump with “incitement,” and it’s not a crime to tell gigantic lies that lead people to commit acts of blinding stupidity. If it were, the entire media and Democratic Party would be in prison for life.

How about the lie the liberal industrial complex told nonstop in 2020 — and, in fact, throughout their entire lives — that black people are the victims of relentless racism in this country? How about their telling black Americans that they are justified in resisting the police, fighting with them and fleeing from them?

Those lies led to such an explosion of violence after the Day of Our Floyd, May 25, 2020, that by the end of the year, the annual murder rate had shot up by 30%.

As direct result of the media’s lies about racist AmeriKKKa, thousands upon thousands of people were killed who would otherwise be alive. The BLM/antifa riots caused billions of dollars in property damage — and that’s only counting insurance claims submitted in 2020. Not only that, but the orgy of homicide, violence, arson and robberyinspired by the media’s lies continues to this day.

The Jan. 6 riot itself — which, again, was a total embarrassment for Republicans — got no one killed other than one of the protesters, Ashli Babbitt. It did .00000001% as much property damage as the George Floyd riots. It has not continued with repeated right-wing riots every day since then.

The police officer who killed George Floyd when he was resisting arrest is serving 22 years in prison. The law enforcement officer who killed Babbitt when she was trespassing is accepting hearty congratulations for killing a Trump supporter.

To compare the proximate damage caused by the media’s lies to the proximate damage caused by Trump’s lies is like comparing a towering inferno to a cigarette burn.

Amazingly, the very people who lie to the public for a living are the ones suddenly claiming it’s a criminal offense to tell a lie.

It’s not. That’s why the only purpose of this week’s indictment is to allow the media to tell us, for the 8 billionth time, that Trump is a narcissistic moron who was willing to do anything to hold onto the presidency — anything, that is, except keep his campaign promises.

But being a narcissistic moron is not a crime.

Hatching ridiculous schemes to stay in office is not a crime.

Promoting absurd legal theories, even if you know them to be false, is not a crime.

Claiming you won an election that you know you lost is not a crime.

And, luckily for the media, ginning up a portion of Americans into a frenzy of violence with incessant lies about America being a systemically racist country is also not a crime.

Republicans: The media will never stop talking about Trump and Jan. 6. They’re not doing this to help us. We’ll be running Ron DeSantis’ son for president in 2060 — and they’ll still be talking about Trump and Jan. 6.

Perhaps if conservatives controlled the media, we’d still be talking about President Bill Clinton sodomizing Monica Lewinsky with a cigar in the Oval Office on Easter Sunday, then committing multiple obstruction of justice felonies.

But we don’t. We either give in and allow the media to make ALL NEWS, ALL THE TIME about Trump (bad for the GOP, good for the Democrats) or recognize what’s happening and play it smart.

Have you ever had a pointless argument with someone who just keeps saying the same thing over and over again? That’s the nightmare conservatives are trapped in right now. Every few weeks, the media explode in a volcano of “BREAKING NEWS” … and then repeat the exact same story we all knew by the evening of Jan. 6, 2021.

Ninety-eight percent of the conservative media are happy to play along, locked in an eternal debate with an idiot. It makes show prep easy, and they don’t care about the country — as long as the check clears.

You cannot win a pointless argument. You cannot force understanding. All you can do is stop. Walk away, put on your earbuds, pick up a book, but stop arguing. Specifically, Republicans, talk about the crisis at the border, Biden officials who defy the law, the explosion of crime in Democrat-controlled cities, critical race theory, the trans madness. Talk about anything but Trump — and especially Jan. 6.

He’s right about one thing: This isn’t about Trump. It’s about destroying the Republican Party.

We can’t win this fight, Republicans. All you can do is walk away. Move on from Trump and let the media amuse themselves perseverating about Trump. Just stop.