The good news is, Republicans are finally willing to criticize immigration! The bad news is, it’s only to say they are against Americans dying from fentanyl. So proud of you, GOP!

     For example, at the debate last week, Nikki Haley, Tim Scott and Chris Christie all hit the “condemn fentanyl” recordings as soon as they heard the word “immigration.”

Christie was typical. Asked if he still supported amnesty, he said, “What I’ll do on day one is sign an executive order to send the National Guard to partner with Customs and Border Patrol to make sure that we stop the flow of fentanyl over the border.”

Well, that takes care of fentanyl, but what about the people flowing over the border? The principal problem with hauling tens of millions of third worlders into our country is that we’re hauling tens of millions of third worlders into our country. By now, we’re about two years away from becoming another failed Latin American state, if you’ll forgive the redundancy.

Last Wednesday’s presidential debate illustrated what exactly that will mean, through the splendid work of Univision moderator Ilia Calderon (who apparently, because of some technical glitch, was not subtitled).

FIRST, as soon as they get here, immigrants start demanding that we admit an endless supply of their fellow countrymen. This raises the question: If they wanted to be around a lot of Latin Americans, why’d they leave? There are tons of Latin Americans in Latin America, as any guidebook will tell you. Wouldn’t it have been easier to just stay put?

After a single boilerplate question on the economy, Calderon’s next five questions consisted of demands that Republicans amnesty illegal aliens, the vast majority of whom are from Latin America.

Calderon: “Vice President Pence, in 2017, the Trump-Pence administration canceled DACA, which put the legal status of 600,000 Dreamers in the hands of the court. … As president, if the Supreme Court ends DACA, would you work with Congress to reach a permanent solution for Dreamers?”

Canceling DACA is a permanent solution. Only someone who refuses to accept any solution other than amnesty could fail to grasp that.

But she wouldn’t let up, asking again: “Would you negotiate with Congress to give a solution to the problem that Dreamers have right now? They are in limbo.” And they’re getting a little fed up with your foot-dragging.

Gee, it must be tough for people who’ve broken our laws but are still receiving all the benefits of living here to be “in limbo.” I don’t know why they haven’t thought of this themselves, but there’s an easy solution. They could go home.

SECOND: Immigrants bring their third world voting habits with them.

Calderon: “A Univision poll found that mass shootings and gun safety are one of the most important issues for Latino voters. Mental health concerns are not unique to the United States, but gun violence is. What is your specific plan to curb gun violence?”

And in one stupid swoop, Calderon blew away the tissue of lies about illegal aliens being legitimate “asylum-seekers” because they’re fleeing violence. Violence with what? Plastic cutlery? Obviously, gun violence. Luckily for the inadvertent whistleblower, only 15% of Americans could understand what she was saying on account of her accent. But thank you, Miss Calderon, for giving up the game on phony “asylum-seekers.”

She’s definitely right that immigrants love gun control. According to a 2023 Pew Research poll, 74% of Asians and 68% of Hispanics support gun control, compared with only 51% of white Americans (which, by the way, includes white women, a skittish group).

As a result, Latin American countries have gun control laws that would be the envy of Chicago.

In Mexico, for example, it’s very hard to acquire a gun unless Eric Holder brings it across the border to you. There’s a federal gun registry, a license and lengthy background check are required to purchase a gun, the most powerful rifle you can buy is a .22 caliber, and there’s only one gun store in the entire country. Only 1% of Mexicans legally possess a firearm.

And everything’s going great! Even after the recent murder explosion in the U.S. (immediately following May 25, 2020, for no discernable reason whatsoever), America’s homicide rate is 6.9 cases per 100,000. In Mexico, the murder rate is four times that, at 25 per 100,000. And in Miss Calderon’s native Colombia — with similarly draconian gun control laws — the murder rate is 26.8 per 100,000.

Can’t WAIT to have you guys voting in our elections!

THIRD, immigrants really get off on insulting Americans — as is evident from Calderon’s exposing the “asylum” scam, just so she could call our country violent.

Naturally, she lectured Americans about slavery — because Latin America’s record on that front is unblemished! (Only 6% of trans-Atlantic slaves went to North America; the rest went to Latin America and the Caribbean.) Plus, we haven’t heard a thing about slavery recently, so I’m glad she brought it up.

She also blamed the fentanyl crisis on … guess who?

Oh, so you think you’re better than we are, arrogant Americans with your flush toilets, medical advances and 235-year-old Constitution? Well, guess who’s doing the fentanyl smuggling? … AMERICANS!

In one of her debate questions, she said: “Fifty-seven percent of the smugglers are U.S. citizens. How would you stop fentanyl brought into the country” — AND IN CASE YOU DIDN’T HEAR ME THE FIRST TIME — “mostly by U.S. citizens?”

Yes, “U.S. citizens,” meaning: “anchor babies and their progeny.”

I looked up the most recent DEA report on major fentanyl busts. Below are the names of those arrested in just the last few weeks. No names have been excluded, so I’m not cherry-picking. See if you notice anything:

Felix Herrera Garcia

Grei Mendez

Carliston Acevedo Brito

Renny Parra Paredes, aka “El Gallo”

Jose Cruz Ivan Aispuro

Adrian Montalvo

Jose Lora

Ray Urena

Ruben Davila Cardenas

“U.S. citizens” all!

Fentanyl could disappear from the face of the Earth, Republicans. Immigration is still going to wreck our country.