In last week’s column, we noted the popularity of Hamas terrorists with BLM representatives. This week, we’ll consider the other main contingent of Hamas Boosters: foreigners, who, for reasons I can’t understand, are in my country.

     In the past few weeks, Muslims and Arabs have poured into the streets in nearly every U.S. city to celebrate the slaughter of Israelis, while wearing scarves, keffiyehs and other clown outfits, waving the flags of Palestine, Egypt, Algeria, Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco, Yemen, Turkey, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, and on and on.

It’s so obvious that these people don’t belong here that the immediate reaction of a number of politicians was to demand that their visas be revoked. (Nobody looked at anti-war protests in the ’60s and said, Revoke their visas!)

Question: Why are we importing millions of people from lesser cultures who will inevitably despise and resent the West for its very success?

This isn’t the old They hate us for our freedoms! Rather, it is simply an acknowledgment of the fact that the most common and destructive human emotion is jealousy. People will brag about being gluttons, prideful, greedy, angry, lustful and lazy. The only venal sin no one will cop to is envy. That’s how insidious it is.

Consider the “open letter” from 33 Harvard student groups blaming Israelis for their own slaughter. In addition to about a dozen Muslim and Arab groups, the letter was signed by clubs for immigrants from various locales notable for their high levels of corruption and leprosy (e.g., Bangladesh, Nepal, Bengal and South Asia).

You think Harvard had a problem with the “Bengali Association of Students” before the 1965 Immigration Act?

Freshly installed and deeply unimpressive Harvard president Claudine Gay (daughter of Haitian immigrants) issued a kumbaya statement in response to the bloodthirsty student letter, expressing sadness about both the 1,500 slaughtered Israelis AND “the war in Israel and Gaza now underway.”

At this, billionaire donors to the university finally began to notice the insanity they’ve been funding. A couple of Israeli billionaires, Idan and Batia Ofer, quit Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government board in protest. Another Jewish billionaire, Bill Ackman, demanded the names of the students behind the letter. Gentile — and Republican! — Ken Griffin (cumulative gifts to Harvard: more than $500 million) also raised a ruckus.

The same thing happened at other institutions of higher learning.

Sorry to roll my eyes, but where have they been? The gleeful cheering for the mass murder of Israelis is only the latest expression of hate by inferior cultures toward the superior culture of the West — of which the donors are a shining example.

Here are a few other signposts of our descent into Calcutta.

In the last few years, statues of one great man after another have been toppled, among them: Christopher Columbus, Ulysses S. GrantThomas Jefferson, Robert E. Lee, Teddy Roosevelt and Francis Scott Key. White, white, white, white, white and white.

Portraits of scientists at Rockefeller University who’d won the Nobel Prize or Lasker Award had to be removed on the grounds that they were all white men. The portraits made medical student Max Jordan Nguemeni Tiako sad, so they had to go.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art disemboweled Beethoven’s opera, “Fidelio,” to turn it into a story about BLM triumphing over a white supremacist conspiracy to oppress immigrants and people of color (with a discussion sponsored by Columbia University on dismantling “systems of incarceration”).

Responding to student demand, the University of Pennsylvania removed a portrait of William Shakespeare and replaced it with a picture of a black feminist writer.

And how did Gay become the president of Harvard in the first place? Obviously, it was a rigorous competition — just as it was for Vice President Kamala Harris, Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson and Sen. Laphonza Butler.

Gay’s “historic” appointment gave Harvard its first black president! (Who could’ve seen that coming?)

The shocked Harvard alums might not even be admitted today, with their cisgender white privilege. The college’s admissions office describes its job as “antiracism work.”

But when the exact same people who hate our country turned out to hate Israel, too, our clueless elites were gobsmacked. Gee, where’d that come from? We thought you liked us.

Of course barbarians hate Israel! Surrounded by enemies, Jews transformed an unforgiving desert into a first-rate civilization. Did anyone imagine the Holocaust would temper the bitter jealousy? That’s like heterosexual white coeds claiming to be “binary” to earn woke street cred. You’re still pretty, and they still hate you.

The conflict is far larger than a few hundred disaffected immigrants, “colonized” and “indigenous” people cheering mass murder by invading paragliders.

This is an endemic problem. Israel can’t do much about the neighborhood, but why on Earth is the U.S. importing preposterous foreigners from third-rate cultures? The failure of their ancestors to create anything worthwhile, certainly compared to the stupendous accomplishments of the West, is too glaringly obvious. Inviting millions upon millions of them here, to gawk at our magnificent civilization, is a guarantee of perpetual strife and resentment.

It could never work. It was always an insane idea.

Instead of trampling on the free speech rights of people who hate the West, how about avoiding the problem altogether by leaving them where they are? They’ll like it! Vastly fewer “white supremacists” to oppress them. They can hate us all they want. Just do it from their own countries.