Too bad the Jewish students being harassed on campuses don’t have the Proud Boys around to protect them. They can thank the Anti-Defamation League’s Jonathan Greenblatt for making that impossible.

Greenblatt could see right through the Proud Boys’ stated mission of supporting Western Civilization. Ha! Mere camouflage for “a right-wing extremist group with a violent agenda.”

Similarly, the Southern Poverty Law Center alerted liberals that the Proud Boys were “extremist” and “white nationalist.”

Wikipedia’s entry on the group is a 20,000-word libel. (Apparently, the group “us[ed] ‘Western chauvinism’ as euphemism for the white genocide conspiracy theory” — just like Wikipedia uses “The Free Encyclopedia” as a euphemism for “left-wing bile.”)

There is literally nothing about “white nationalism” or “white genocide” in anything the Proud Boys said about themselves. Or “right-wing,” for that matter, unless prizing Western culture is now the exclusive province of the right wing.

How about these statements: “Zionists don’t deserve to live,” “Go back to Poland!” “Burn Tel Aviv” — all said recently by protesters at Columbia University. Or how about a Palestinian flag and the words “FINAL SOLUTION” at George Washington University?

I guess the ADL and SPLC didn’t see that coming, despite their exquisitely sensitive antennae for “hate.”

Arguably, these hate watchdogs took their eye off the ball by labeling conservatives “white nationalists” merely for admiring the West, opposing mass immigration, defending the police, writing books about IQ, attacking feminism, hating identity politics or warning of Islamic terrorism.

It sure seems like conservatives weren’t the biggest threat after all, eh, Jonathan?

In fact, now that the Biden administration is proposing to import Palestinians living in Gaza as “refugees,” could The New York TimesSPLC and ADL ease up on calling Peter Brimelow a “white nationalist” and “racist” solely because his website,, opposes mass third world immigration?

While I’m thrilled that more than 10 people are finally expressing disgust at left-wing psychotics, where were they when much, much, much, much, much worse was being done to conservative speakers on college campuses?

Say, where’s Mitt Romney? Shouldn’t he be explaining that the anti-Israel agitators simply oppose genocide? That’s what they say, anyway, just as “antifa” said it was “anti-fascist.” Thus, on Aug. 15, 2017, in the middle of years-long violent antifa attacks on conservatives, Romney proclaimed: “[Antifa] opposes racism and bigotry. Morally different universes.”

How conservatives expressly define themselves is always a fake-out, whereas what antifa says about itself may not be questioned.

In February 2017, antifa nearly burned the University of California, Berkeley, to the ground to protest a Milo Yiannopoulos speech. You might say Milo was asking for it by being funny. (Leftists are cool with boring conservatives.)

Well, then how about Charles Murray, Heather Mac Donald, David Horowitz and Ben Shapiro? They are among the country’s smartest and most influential conservatives.

A month after the Milo conflagration, Murray was hounded off the stage by protesters at Middlebury College in Vermont. As Murray and his faculty interlocutor were trying to leave, the mob physically attacked them, then jumped on their car and tried to flip it. The professor had to be hospitalized, having sustained whiplash and a concussion.

No students were suspended or expelled. To the contrary, Middlebury promised to cancel any future speakers who might provoke leftist ire.

SPLC on Murray: “White nationalist.”

The following month, Mac Donald was forced to give her speech at California’s Claremont McKenna College livestreamed to an empty room after 250 protesters blocked students from entering the building. The protesters called Mac Donald an “anti-black fascist” who promoted “blatant anti-Blackness and white supremacy.”

In a preview of what was to come for anyone paying attention, the protesters not only chanted anti-police slogans, but also “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.” Mac Donald’s book “The War on Cops” has absolutely nothing to do with Palestine.

That, too, didn’t set off any alarm bells at the ADL or SPLC — much less with donors, Wall Streeters or the media.

The Hamas cheerleading squads on campus today are despicable, but CNN spent a full segment last week interviewing a Jewish student because the protesters had splashed his brother with water. Conservative speakers would be thrilled if the worst they had to fear was water-splashing, ugly words and unauthorized camping.

Shapiro saw his scheduled speeches canceled by one college administration after another — California State University Los Angeles, Gonzaga University, Grand Canyon University, DePaul University.

Horowitz was shouted down at the University of Houston by pro-Palestinian activists shouting “Free, free, free Palestine” and “Racists off our campus.” (Everybody’s a “racist” to liberals. It’s like calling conservatives “poopy-heads.”)

ADL on Horowitz: “extremist,” “Islamophobe.” SPLC on Horowitz: “anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant and anti-black.”

In November 2019, thousands of antifa tried to prevent me from speaking at UC Berkeley. They failed for only one reason: The Proud Boys were there. Ditto with speeches I gave in Philadelphia and Los Angeles. Antifa came, but so did the Proud Boys. Order was maintained.

This is why the Proud Boys had to be made Public Enemy No. 1: They protected conservatives from violent leftists.

If the only thing you know about the Proud Boys is that they were at the Jan. 6 riot, you’ve been lied to. Yes, absolutely, a few dozen Proud Boys were there. This was an organization with 30,000 members. More Methodists attacked the Capitol, but they weren’t forced to disband. They weren’t a threat, you see, to the left’s shock troops.

It is now perfectly obvious that journalists, donors, Wall Street and ordinary liberals have been scammed by the ADL and the SPLC, spinning fantasies of evil conservatives, all while college leftists were marinating in pure evil, coddled and petted by college administrators, only to erupt into genocide-supporting lunatics after Oct. 7.

Polite liberals and head-in-the-sand conservatives never imagined these civilization destroyers would come for them. Is it too late to bring the Proud Boys back?